Greenshot App Reviews

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If your app doesn’t open as expected

For those who aren’t experiencing the app opening, look at the top right corner. There is a G icon in the apps next to the time/battery/search features.

Not opening

I have used this on a PC and love it but I downloaded it on my iMac and it will not open.

Not Launching

Did everything by the book. Paid $1.99, DL’d the program and installed the latest version per App Store (at this time it’s 1.2.6). Trying to open it does nothing, will not launch, cannot snap screenshots. Rebooted PC, opened Finder and can see the program but still will not launch. Very frustrated beause I loved this program on my PC and never had any issues. I’m not here to complain or bash anything, just want someone to give me pointers ^_^ so I can get it working. The bug trackers and FAQ seem like a wild goose chase because noone really mentions the same issue I’m experiencing. FWIW, I can install and launch other programs without issue and if this is not possible I’d like my credit card to be refunded. Thanks

Nailed it

I REALLY missed having Greenshot when I switched from PC to Mac, so I was so happy to see it in the app store when I checked after needing copy directly to clipboard. Its missing some of the features that were in PC, but it does everything that I ever really used. Thanks for getting this to market!

Nothing like the PC version.

If you’re looking for an experience of Greenshot like you get on your PC, look for something else. This is nothing like the PC version. It’s very very limited. You may as well just use Shift+Command+4 and save your money. It’s really misleading to even call this Greenshot. The PC version of Greenshot is AMAZING. This barely can be considered an app.

Great for PC, doesn't capture anything on MAC

Wow, I've now got to see if App store gives refunds. I've had it installed for 10 minutes now and haven't been able to make any screenshots. I've tried using the hot-keys, and I've tried using the icon to capture area, program, or full screen. NOTHING!

Please keep working!

I *love* the PC version of this software, and having switched to the Mac platform, I can safely say that the PC version of Greenshot is what I miss the most. I’m happy that it’s now, at least, an option for Mac; taking screen shots on a Mac is kind of a pain otherwise, but the thing I miss the most is the ability to set an area to capture, and then reuse that same frame again and again and again. That feature alone would make this a 5-star application for me. I’m hoping it will make its way into future releases!

Definitely not at all like the PC version

Love the PC version very disappointed with the MAC version. NONE of the features that make Greenshot great in the PC version are in the MAC version.

I get to choose where to save a screenshot!

I get to choose where to save a screenshot! Or, I can choose to copy to a clipboard and paste into an email. Those two features make file managemnt much easier. The photo editing features work quite well.

Good start, but looking forward to more features

Like others, I love this program on Windows and hope it continues to be supported and gain options on OSX. I'd love for auto-borders to be an option or at least an easy way to add a border as you take screenshots. Thanks for bringing this over.

Great, streamlined, intuitive

Finally for the mac. All the really nice and easy to use features I want for quickly and intuitively taking and editing screenshots. I’ve been using the Win version for years. Glad to pay money to support this software.

App Doesn’t Open

Loved the Windows version, can’t wait for this one to actually work. Downloaded the app, even restarted my computer and I can’t get greenshot to open on my macbook. In fact, there’s been an open Jira ticket since May [Support-168] where multiple users complain of the same issue. The only solution (given by a user!) involves modifying the libraries from the command line. Still unresolved and unassigned to a Greenshot developer. — Update, It’s working! I would like some more features like we see in Windows (and a help document?), but for now it’s working quite well.

Does the needful!

I only use Greenshot on Windows for 2 functions… saving directly to a folder, with no prompts… and copying to clipboard. The Mac version does both those features, so this app is great for me!

Greenshot forever!

I’ve loved the Windows version for years. Super excited to see a Mac version out there! I’ve recently gone Mac for some projects and was missing you all! As a developer, I’d be interested in helping to contribute code to the Mac port. I know you aren’t open source at this time, but if you do decide to go that route you’ll have a community of developers ready and eager to help!

It’s a good start

I love this application on Windows. As the author of the app has stated, the OS X version is missing many features of the Windows version. I truly hope that the app gets better and better. Please, please, please add "Preferred Output File Setting” on the next version, especially the Filename pattern option.

Great work but please make it like the Windows version

I use the Windows version all the time at work and its fantastic. I use a Mac at home and 1.2.5 still needs more work but its getting there, thankyou to the people creating it. I would however like to see it have the same interface and tools that are already on the Windows platform as these are perfect, for example the Windows arrow tool is much more use than the expanding Mac arrow tool.

I’m So Happy

I’ve been waiting and waiting for a Mac version of my beloved Greenshot and I love it! I use Greenshot on my work PC all the time and now I can use it at home too. I love the simplicity and ease of what I’ve seen so far in the Mac version - sure there will be a few things missing from the PC version but I’m o.k. with that for now. I’m also ok with paying 1.99 for the app.Thanks Greenshot folks!

No linking(cloud storage) ability.

This is a decent capture utility but without the ability to save something and paste a link it is useless for me. I don’t want to attach a bunch of files when I could just paste a link. Tools like Lightshot have link creation features and it is free. I was a big fan of greenshot on PC but on Mac it is a bare bones tool that doesn’t have modern features. Add linking please!!!

At last!

Wherever I worked, I used Greenshot on a PC. I’m glad it’is finally on the Mac! Although they’re not as important for me, keep working on getting it up to the PC functionality. Apple should buy Greenshot and make it a standard.

Glad to see on Mac, but still missing critical features

I use greenshot extensively on my windows machines, and would highly recommend it there for anyone. The current mac version is still missing some features that I rely on in my workflow. Once they are added, I will give it 5 stars. The features I'm hoping for: - I mostly use greenshot to quickly upload images to share with people via imgur, so imgur integration is an absolute must. - 'Always save to ...' option should be a customizable path, not locked to `~/Pictures/Greenshot`.

It’s Ok for now for the Mac version, but PC version is rock solid

This is the best screen capturing tool on the PC side. This Mac port is definitely work in progress. I like the basic feature where you can edit the image. But something small like after you put a rectangle around a section, you can’t control the fill color of the rectangle at this point. In the PC version, you can control the fill color or set it to transparent. The Mac version simply derfault one for you or at least I didn’t figure out how to change it if the feature exists in the Mac version. But on the other hand, you have your basic editing tool like blurring the screen, cropping the image, circle outline to circle screen spots, rectangle outline to highlight an area, etc. But it is still quite a bit way to match up with the PC version. But I am glad that a Mac version is available and hopefully the features will catch up. Good work overall, but I can’t rate the current Mac version more than 3 stars for now. In due time, when the features have caught up, this can easily be a 5-star app if the Mac version is as good as the PC version.

Best Screenshot Tool I’ve Ever Used...

…at least on Windows so far. I have used plenty of screenshot tools over the years between personal and business tasks and Greenshot beats them all for the price, which is FREE. I have always wanted this available for Mac and finally has come! At $1.99, it’s still totally worth it. Even though there are some features missing and small bugs in its release, I have no doubt this team will not only fix it, but enhance it even further. 5 stars from thet get-go.

Download not Working

Downloaded and does not open.

Mac version!!

Fell in love with this app on PC. When moving to Mac, I was never able to find a free replacement for quick annotated screenshots. Even though this app isn’t free, I was happy to pay the couple bucks to support the development of this tool I missed so much. Still a little light on features, but super happy to have them release this version with just about everything I would need anyway, and expect the feature-set to grow as time goes on. Kudos and thx for porting to OS X!

Exciting to see on Mac!

Like many others, have used GS on Windows for years. Migrated to the Mac 2 years ago and really missed GS, so it’s so exciting to see GS on Mac! Very nice implementation, but I will make these suggestions: 1) Please add a share button (app to app share) 2) Need the ability to drag and drop an image from GS to another app 3) Consider modernizing the GS icon. It does not look good in the menu bar.


I’ve been on a Mac for the past 4 or 5 years, and there were just a few things lacking from the Macsperience. One was a good way to screenshot. I used Greenshot on Windows and absolutely loved it. I was reminiscing of those days earlier today, and thought to go search for “greenshot mac”. Boy was I surprised! And it is even better than when I used it years ago. SUPER excited to have this, well worth the $2. I’m glad whoever made this is going to make some $ on this, it’s amazing. Thank you thank you thank you!

Good stuff!

Stoked to search “greenshot mac” and find…greenshot! Used it only a few times so far but very pleased. Definitely a time saver.

Word showing Memory full and not able to paste

Thee is no memory or dispace to complete this operation error is coming. Please help. Also include basis arrows.

Greenshot for Mac, finally!

As a QA Analyst, I am constantly taking screen shots for defect reporting and validation. When I transitioned from PC to Mac, I struggled to find an easy to use screencapture tool. Previously on PC, I used Greenshot and loved it. I was so happy to find Greenshot for Mac. I’ll concede that the Mac version is a bit thin when it comes to feature set when compared to the PC version, but what features are present in the MAC version are easy to use. I feel that my productivity has gone up as a result of using this tool. Worth every penny and I look forward to future versions and more functionality.

Incredible value!

I’ve used Greenshot for Windows for a couple years now. It’s unbelievably good. I’m so glad they made an OS X version. It’s excellent. It has the options I need and a very nice editor. Two bucks? I had to consider that purchase for zero seconds.

Best Screenshot app for PC comes to Mac

I was really happy to see that they’ve created Greenshot as a native macOS app. It’s by far my favorite screenshot app on Windows and while macOS has a nice screenshot feature built-in, it doesn’t have an editor which is the main selling point of Greenshot for me. I’m happy to send these guys a little money for their efforts. Just used it and it worked exactly as I hoped. Here’s to hoping they continue to add a few of the most requested features. Mine would be the numbered circles which are a must have for creating walk-throughs.

Almost there

Missing the feature to add the #’d circles that I use with documentation. Other than that, its got the features I use.

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